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Kim is an Applications Analyst with NASA Goddard's Hydrological Sciences Laboratory and leads collaborations and engagement efforts with the Earth Information System - Freshwater team. Kim facilitates the use of Earth observations for more sustainable agriculture, water resources, and land management by connecting researchers and application developers with decision-makers and data users. 

Kim also supports NASA's Water Resources and Agriculture Program's outreach and engagement efforts, coordinating the agency's involvement in Commodity Classic '22 and the "Space for Ag Tour" across Nebraska and Kansas. Kim formerly co-led activities of Goddard’s Food Security Team and Mission Applications work groups and helped staff the Climate and Environmental Health, Air Quality and Health, Disasters, and Interagency Chesapeake Bay work groups. Kim also worked with the Stakeholder Engagement Team at NASA’s Western Water Applications Office, focusing on effective stakeholder engagement with WWAO’s large-scale basin projects. Kim served as Assistant Manager of the NASA Harvest Consortium at the University of Maryland, helping to coordinate over 30 projects related to crop monitoring and global food security. 

Kim has coordinated projects at the interface of environmental research, policy, and applications, from studying farmers’ adoption of renewable energy technologies to co-founding a company building recirculating aquaponics systems powered by landfill gas to coordinating a bi-state, bi-national resource management plan for the Lake Champlain watershed. She received her MS in Hydrology and Watershed Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a BA in Geology from Oberlin College.

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