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Everett Hinkley
Everett Hinkley

NASA/United States Forest Service

As National Remote Sensing Program Manager for the Forest Service, Everett serves as the primary remote sensing liaison to other federal departments/agencies. In this capacity, he works with NASA, DHS, the BLM, the USGS, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to ensure that the Forest Service is utilizing the most up-to-date data sources, applications, and best practices for data exploitation and use. This role promotes collaboration on remote sensing activities which helps to reduce redundant efforts within the federal government. 

Everett is also USDA’s representative to the Civilian Applications Committee (CAC). The CAC is an interagency committee that coordinates and oversees the Federal civil use of classified assets and provides Federal civil agencies access to National Systems data in support of mission responsibilities. In this role, Everett ensures that agency mission needs are met by utilizing a broad range of environmental and remote sensing applications central to Forest Service agency missions such as detecting wildland fires, monitoring ecosystems, and mapping wetlands. 

As the co-chairman of the CAC - Thermal Working Group, Everett developed with the DoD and Intelligence Community, a fire detection and reporting capability that successfully leverages National Systems to improve wildfire detection and reporting nationwide. He recently served as the Acting Forest Service Geospatial Information Officer, and in early 2018, served for four months as the USDA Geospatial Information Officer.

Preferred Pronouns - He/him 

Why do you contribute to AEOIP? I am a strong proponent of the AEOIP and the activities that it supports.

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