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Guiding Principles

Inspiration goes both ways!

The partnering NASA, USFS, and DOI agencies have identified a set of core values to define the work and objectives of the Applied Earth Observations Innovation Partnership:

  • Inter-agency Coordination: We acknowledge the importance of cooperation to promote collaboration between agencies that are EO data producers and those that are responsible for the management of public lands. Such agency-level cooperation reduces barriers to effective collaboration between individual subject matter experts, fosters innovation, and reduces redundancy of effort.


  • Making Connections: We recognize the value of making and strengthening connections between EO data producers and members of the land management community. We seek to break down subject matter silos that tend to hinder communication.


  • Creating Space: We establish a framework that sets aside both physical and intellectual spaces to foster the exchange of information and ideas. We provide venues for collaborative exchanges between EO data producers and subject matter experts within the land management community. These include virtual forums as well as face-to-face workshops that encourage open discussion among participants. We open channels of communication to strengthen partnerships between EO data producers and land managers.

  • Process Advancement: We understand that the establishment of a better and more comprehensive process to effectively integrate EO data into land management applications is needed.  We seek to identify and facilitate the development of successful pathways for EO data uptake into land management decision-making and to identify and share best practices with partners and participants.

  • Data Integration: We support ideas and efforts that promote the integration of EO data products into operational land management decision support structures. Though we do not currently have dedicated funding, we sponsor innovative ideas within the EO and land management communities and guide innovators to potential avenues of support and implementation.

  • Results Driven: We seek to identify, understand, and ultimately resolve the different barriers to EO data integration into land management applications. These barriers may be technical or institutional by nature and may be exacerbated by a lack of communication pathways between the two communities.  At the federal level, the land management community typically includes USFS, USGS, BLM, FWS, and NPS  but we also encourage engagement with stakeholders at the state/local level and in the private sector.


Both of the above documents should be considered living documents; with updates and revisions generated by the AEOIP Core team and posted when they become available. 

  • USFS: United States Forest Service

  • USGS: United States Geological Survey

  • BLM: Bureau of Land Management

  • FWS: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

  • NPS: National Parks Service

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