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March 15, 2023

AEOIP Webinar Series - Applications and Opportunities of NASA’s upcoming PACE Mission

In this seminar, we will provide an overview of NASA's upcoming PACE mission's goals, instruments, observation plans, and community engagement activities. We will highlight the capabilities of the novel hyperspectral and multi-angular polarimetric instruments onboard the PACE observatory, showcasing PACE’s ability to fill societal needs and enable decision-making from space in support of activities such as terrestrial/land-based monitoring, air quality monitoring, disaster response, and mitigation of wildfire smoke and volcanic plume events, and advanced aquatic monitoring. Finally, we will share several real-world applications of PACE data; with PACE’s high temporal revisit time, the wide-swath OCI and HARP-2 instruments will provide global imagery every two days, enabling fast and efficient air quality monitoring as well as disaster response and mitigation of wildfire smoke and volcanic plume events.

Please register to attend the webinar at AEOIP Webinar March 2023

April 25-27, 2023

2023 NASA-USFS Joint Applications Workshop

This NASA-USFS Joint Applications Workshop is being organized by the Applied Earth Observations Innovation Partnership (AEOIP), which was created 4 years ago during a similar workshop in Salt Lake City. The overarching goals of this workshop are: 1) increase awareness at NASA of USFS (and other land management agencies) operational needs, and 2) increase awareness among USFS resource managers of NASA data products that will inform their decisions. Some expected outcomes of the workshop include: identifying how we get NASA products into users' hands, compiling testimonials from stakeholders about the societal benefits of NASA remote sensing data, measuring the level of learning from this workshop with pre and post-community surveys and developing a publication on the results and findings from the discussions of the workshop.

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